Developing sustainable primary care

Challenges facing general practice are increasing. This comes at a time of increased patient need, high demand for services and growing challenges in retaining and recruiting clinical team members | PCC



PCC has been supporting practices to prepare for the future by looking at ways they can become more sustainable. From our work so far, the following themes have emerged:

  • The need to ensure practices are well run, claiming appropriately and considering how the practice, as a whole, could work smarter.
  • Planning for the future –how a practice will need to change in the next three to five years and how steps towards this can start now, to achieve early wins and boost morale.

General practices are responding to the increasing demands they face in several ways. Some are merging with other like-minded practices or working with other partners in the health economy. Others are collaborating to share back office or clinical skills to enable them to manage patients and workloads most appropriately. This includes signposting to alternative local services.

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Commissioning excellence

General practice development and new care models feature in latest Commissioning Excellence

The September issue of Commissioning Excellence looks at the aims of the GP Forward View and considers what Primary Care Commissioning  is doing to support the immediate and longer term development needs of practices. 

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Elsewhere the issue reports on the challenges of commissioning new care models in the light of the high-profile collapse of an £800m contract for community services, on what we stand to learn from international care systems and on the opportunity to improve the use of NHS services by involving patients in shared decision making.