A new series of guides have been published to help the NHS increase access, quality and choice in adult hearing services whilst making the most of available resources.

The guides, published this week, advise how stakeholders in NHS hearing care can work together to deliver the goals in the Five Year Forward View – including putting patients first, improving access and follow-up, delivering more care out-of-hospital and making better use of limited resources.

View the Guidance for NHS Commissioners by clicking on the image below:



Improving mental health care for children and young people

NHS England has issued guidance to CCGs on submitting their Local Transformation Plans (LTPs) to improve mental health care for children and young people, including how they will develop eating disorder services.

This year NHS England will spend an extra £133m on improving children and young people’s mental health, in addition to current local CAMHS budgets and the £30m for ED. A further £9m will be spent by Health Education England.

£75m will go to CCGs to improve local services. They will work up their plans with local authorities schools and children, young people and their families, for review and funding in the Autumn.