CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCG IAF) 2018/19

NHS England | November 2018 | CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (CCG IAF) 2018/19

The updated CCG Improvement and Assessment framework (CCG IAF) describes the CCG annual performance assessment and the metrics that will inform that assessment for 2018/19 and it replaces the IAF for 2017/18 (Source: NHS England).
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Improvement and Assessment Framework

CCG improvement and assessment 2018/19 | NHS England

The CCG Improvement and Assessment Framework (IAF) has been updated for 2018/19.  It outlines the metrics that will inform NHS England’s assessment of CCGs in 2018/19.

The ambition described in Next steps on the Five Year Forward View can only be delivered through place-based partnerships spanning commissioners, local government, providers, patients, communities, and the voluntary and independent sectors. The Improvement and Assessment Framework is designed to assess  individual CCGs’ fitness to operate successfully in this environment, and the indicators within it do not only report on data that is solely within a CCG’s control.

The framework is intended as a focal point for joint work, support and dialogue between NHS England, NHS Improvement, CCGs, providers and STPs/ICSs.

The CCG IAF document is supported by a Technical Annex which explains the rationale and detail of each of the indicators.

Breast screening: leading a service

Information for local providers and commissioners on leading NHS breast screening services | Public Health England

This guidance sets out the principles for the organisation and leadership of local breast screening services.  The guidance is aimed at those who are responsible for making sure breast screening services are managed in a professional and effective way. This involves meeting agreed standards and continually striving to improve performance.

The guidance looks at the following areas:

1.Senior leadership team roles

2.Core management skills for the senior leadership team

3.Organisation of screening services

4.Breast screening service workforce

Full guidance: Breast screening: leading a service

The NHS breast screening programme (BSP) covers the screening pathway from identification of the eligible population to diagnosis of women with breast cancer.

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Promoting healthy weight in children, young people and families

A resource to support local authorities, NHS commissioners and providers, voluntary and community sector organisations to take action to reduce obesity | Public Health England


This resource is made up of briefings and practice examples to promote healthy weight for children, young people and families as part of a whole systems approach.

It supports:

  • local authorities
  • Clinical Commissioning Groups
  • other NHS partners and non-government agencies

The briefing papers help to:

  • make the case for taking action to reduce childhood obesity
  • give examples of actions that can be taken
  • provide key documents that form the evidence base and other useful resources

Practice examples are also given to illustrate what local areas are doing.

The briefings have been developed so they can be used as standalone documents and downloaded separately, or as part of the wider resource.

Full documents:

Cardiovascular disease prevention: cost-effective commissioning

This guidance has been produced to help commissioners provide cost-effective interventions to prevent cardiovascular disease | Public Health England


This return on investment tool synthesises evidence on the effectiveness and associated costs for interventions aimed at preventing cardiovascular disease in individuals with associated risk factors.

The web-based tool allows the user to answer the following questions:

  • what happens when I improve detection or management of key CVD risk factors?
  • what happens when I improve usage of the key interventions for people at risk of CVD?

The tool is supported by:

  • an accompanying report detailing how the tool was constructed as well as the results of exemplar analyses (which simulate scaling up interventions to 100% of the eligible populations)
  • a user guide showing the user how to run their own scenarios through the model
  • a database of interventions providing an Excel summary of key evidence used in the tool.
  • a technical appendix which details the methodology behind the tool

Full detail at Public Health England

Full document: Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Return on Investment Tool: Final Report



General business case process guidance

NHS England has refreshed its ‘Business case development, assurance and approval process guidance’

This refresh of the NHS England business case development, assurance and approval process guidance has been developed to enable commissioners, Sustainability and Transformation Partnerships and regional teams to develop and assure business cases, which are properly constructed and have strong local ownership to aid timely and efficient approval decision making.

Full detail at NHS England

Towards commissioning for workplace compassion: a support guide

NHS England | October 2018| Towards commissioning for workplace compassion:
a support guide

NHS England has produced a support guide for workplace compassion;  this document includes evidence-informed guidance and good practice for commissioners
and for providers to support them in achieving compassion in the workplace and so create an NHS culture of compassion for all (Source: NHS England).


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Read the guide at NHS England