Cardiovascular disease: primary care intelligence packs

Data and analysis of cardiovascular disease (CVD) prevalence, variation, treatment and outcomes in clinical commissioning groups (CCG) areas | Public Health England


Healthcare professionals can use this resource to check the prevalence, variation and treatment of cardiovascular conditions in the local area. This can help with planning, commissioning and improving local services.

The pack uses GP practice data on prevention, detection and management across a range of cardiovascular conditions:

  • high cardiovascular risk and hypertension
  • stroke and atrial fibrillation
  • diabetes
  • kidney disease
  • coronary heart disease and heart failure

The pack has a chapter for each of these conditions with:

  • a narrative that explains the case for prevention and suggestions actions
  • data that show the variation between local practices and between demographically similar clinical commissioning group (CCG) areas

The data also identifies the number of undiagnosed and inadequately treated people in the local area.

Read the Rotherham intelligence pack here


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