Autism Self-Assessment Framework Exercise

This report presents the findings from the fourth autism self-assessment exercise carried out by local authorities (LAs) between July and November 2016 | PHE

autism framework
Image source: PHE

It shows the LAs progress towards meeting the requirements of the Autism Act. The report is accompanied by personal stories from self-advocates, their families’ and carers.

As a result of the Autism Act (2), the first Adult Autism Strategy (Fulfilling and Rewarding lives) was published in 2010 (3). This was followed by a new and updated strategy – Think Autism in 2014 (6). The purpose of the self-assessment was to enable local strategy groups to review their progress and support future planning with partners including people with autism and their families.

This was the fourth autism self-assessment framework. The baseline self-assessment was carried out in 2011, followed by updates in 2013 and 2014. These exercises allow local authorities and their partners to monitor their progress in implementing the  utism Strategy. Through greater transparency they also enable adults with autism, their families and carers, and autism representative groups to see what progress is being made. The self-assessment data offers an opportunity to compare local authority areas and develop benchmarks. It can assist in identifying areas where further action is needed and in planning improvements.


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