The clinical commissioning group allocation process

How it works: The clinical commissioning group allocation process | Sarah Bence & Duncan Watson | Healthcare Financial Management Association (HFMA)

business-17965_1920This briefing, part of the HFMA’s How it works series, looks at the process of allocating money from NHS England to clinical commissioning groups (CCGs). The briefing explains how NHS England, with the support of the Advisory Committee on Resource Allocation, calculates the relative need for healthcare funding of each CCG area. Following this the available funding for CCGs is split based on this calculation and on the historic level of funding of the CCG.  This allocation is split into three main sums: the core allocation used for most of the healthcare commissioning that the CCG undertakes; an amount set aside for the better care fund to be put into a pooled budget with the local authorities in the CCG area; and an amount for the running costs of the CCG.

The briefing sets out the circumstances under which there may be additional in-year changes to the allocation, or further non-recurrent funding added to the allocation, for example, for funding transformation projects.

Please note, the full version of this briefing is only available to HFMA members.


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