The role of clinical commissioning in shaping healthy cities

NHS Clinical Commissioners has published Shaping healthy cities and economies: the role of clinical commissioning.

This report provides examples of how clinical commissioners in some of England’s major cities are helping to drive economic growth and deliver public services in a way that meets local needs.  It includes case studies from Leeds, Sheffield, Bristol, Nottingham, Newcastle, Liverpool and Manchester.

Shaping healthy cities and economies: The role of clinical commissioning’highlights the following programmes:

  • Sheffield Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) is leading the work to tackle physical inactivity – which drives higher health expenditure, productivity loss, absenteeism and disability and has an overall annual cost to society of £8.2bn
  • Across Manchester a CCG led programme is supporting people to address underlying issues contributing to unemployment and help people find and maintain jobs that best suit their individual needs
  • Liverpool where the CCG is using its commissioning and procurement levers to  support the economic, social, and environmental wellbeing of its population
  • Newcastle CCG is helping to drive workforce transformation and find new ways to attract and retain new staff, particularly younger people, a key need for the local economy
  • Leeds is home to one of Europe’s largest teaching hospitals and a number of biotechnology companies, and has positioned itself as an Innovation Health Hub to accelerate innovation in public and private sector – through this Leeds CCGs are supporting plans to drive £1bn in investment and create 10,000 new jobs and training opportunities
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