Unmet need for health and social care: a growing problem?

There is a great deal of focus in the health and care system on measuring the quality of care being provided. But what about care that isn’t provided at all? | The King’s Fund Blog


We have published several reports this year highlighting pressures in community-based services, including social care and district nursing. These pieces of research raised concerns about changes to the availability and quality of services as a result of rising demand and insufficient funding and staff numbers. The reports also raised concerns that these pressures might be leading to rising levels of unmet need.

Unmet need is difficult to define, and harder still to measure. This would be true in any setting, but particularly for services like district nursing that are delivered in people’s own homes. People who are not receiving district nursing care but would benefit from it, or those who are receiving some care but require more than they are currently getting, are often out of sight. There are no overcrowded waiting rooms or queues to bring this unmet need to light.

Read the full blog post here


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