Procedures for clinical commissioning groups to apply for constitution change, merger or dissolution

NHS England | Published online: 3 November 2016

Image source: NHS England

This document supersedes Procedures for clinical commissioning group constitution change, merger or dissolution published in October 2015, and should be used by Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs) and NHS England in the circumstances of a CCG wishing to apply to NHS England to make changes to its constitution or to dissolve two or more CCGs wishing to apply to merge.

The procedures in this guidance set out the application processes to be followed by CCGs and NHS England in considering the request.

This guidance sets out NHS England’s procedure and how it is underpinned by the requirements of the National Health Service Act 2006 (as amended) (“the NHS Act 2006”) and by relevant regulations.

Under the NHS Act 2006, NHS England has powers to make transfers of property and staff in connection with variation, merger, or dissolution. The use of these powers is included in the scope of these procedures.

NHS England has separate powers which allow it to vary a CCG’s area or membership without an application from the CCG. The application of this power is out of scope of the procedures outlined in this guidance. In all cases CCGs considering changes to constitutions under these procedures are advised to discuss their applications with NHS England at an early stage.

Read the full report here


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