Commissioning healthcare in changing times

NHS Clinical Commissioners has published Making difficult decisions: commissioning healthcare in changing times.

This report aims to support CCGs in making decisions about prioritisation of resources and changes to local services. It sets out factors that can enable CCGs to successfully command the confidence of the public, patients, local politicians and other key stakeholders when making changes.

The report contains tips  from academic research and insight from those interviewed during the report, including commissioners, patient groups and NHS England. These tips are:

  • Identify opportunities for improvement and safe and cost-effective change in service provision.
  • Plan the change management process in advance.
  • Base decision-making on robust data where available.
  • Manage stakeholder perceptions through active engagement, consultation and nurturing trustworthy relationships.
  • Recognise that local community, clinician and political support is vital, and engage these interests early.
  • Develop an integrated communication and engagement strategy from the start
    Read Making Difficult Decisions.

Read the full report here

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