Chart: How stressful GPs in the UK find their job

The Health Foundation | Published online: August 2016

  • 59% of GPs in the UK describe their job as extremely or very stressful, higher than anywhere else in the Commonwealth Fund Survey. Just 5% of GPs find general practice not too or not at all stressful.
  • By way of comparison, in Australia, only one in five (21%) of GPs find their job extremely or very stressful, and less than the one in four (24%) who find it not at all or not very stressful.
  • Of the UK respondents planning to leave medicine for a different career, 77% said their role as a GP was extremely or very stressful, compared to 49% of those who plan to stay. Improving stress levels will be critical to retention of GPs.
Image source: The Health Foundation

In our report Under Pressure, we looked at the satisfaction of GPs, as well as care coordination and use of electronic medical records in general practice. The report is UK-focused analysis by the Health Foundation of the Commonwealth Fund’s 2015 survey of primary care physicians across 11 countries, which included several UK-specific questions funded by the Health Foundation.

Read the full article here


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