Getting to Outcomes Guide for Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Chinman, M. et al. Rand Corporation. Published online: August 2016

Image source:

Getting To Outcomes (GTO) is a ten-step process that guides community organizations through the key tasks needed to make any prevention program a success. GTO is supported by training, technical assistance, and written guides, such as this Getting To Outcomes Guide for Teen Pregnancy Prevention.

Research has shown that organizations that use GTO in TPP programs carry out programs with greater fidelity and achieve more positive outcomes compared with organizations that do not use GTO. Following the GTO ten steps, this guide offers tools and instructions to help users assess the need for and select a teen pregnancy prevention (TPP) program, identify specific goals and outcomes, determine whether there is sufficient fit and capacity to carry out a selected TPP program, create a detailed plan, identify and use process and outcome evaluation measures, use the evaluation data for program improvement, and plan for program sustainability.

The guide also includes an outcome survey and an Excel workbook already set up to receive data from the outcome survey and calculate change scores and graphs. Designed for anyone planning, running, or overseeing TPP programs, carrying out the GTO activities outlined in this guide will help organizations meet the needs of the youth and demonstrate effectiveness to funders, consumers, and other stakeholders.

Read the full report here

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