Framework sets out how to be a multispecialty community provider

NHS Confederation. Published online 28 July 2016

Image source: NHS Confederation

A new framework outlines how place-based partnerships can replicate the successful work of the 14 multispecialty community provider (MCP) vanguards, when establishing their own programmes.

Described as a milestone in the new care models programme and the implementation of the Forward View, the NHS England document defines what being an MCP means by taking features from the 14 vanguards to create a common framework. Commissioners and providers can follow the framework when establishing MCPs, and the vanguards themselves will adopt or adapt it for their own local communities.

The MCP vanguards will move specialist care out of hospitals and into the community, removing divides between primary, community, mental health, social care and acute services to provide efficient, joined-up and preventative care.

Highlighted in the framework is primary care home, the joint programme between NHS Confederation and the National Association of Primary Care (NAPC), which redesigns primary care around the needs of local communities with the same goal of providing integrated, joined-up and person-centred care.

Access the MCP framework on NHS England’s website

Read the full commentary here


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