NHSCC and Hunter Healthcare report launch new report ‘What makes a top clinical commissioning leader?’

NHSCC. Published online: 10 May 2016

ccg leader
Image source: NHSCC

Clarity about the future of the commissioning system, a commitment to developing GP leadership, and improved leadership programmes, have been identified as critical to supporting current and prospective clinical commissioning leaders, in our new report with Hunter Healthcare.

Through a series of interviews with both clinical and managerial CCG leaders, the report, sets out how current leaders can be supported, and a future generation inspired and encouraged to take up a role in commissioning.

The report highlights how both clinical and managerial leaders are integral to the success of a CCG, bringing different strengths to the organisation and its ability to deliver more for patients. For example, clinical leaders bring a working knowledge of their local healthcare system and are able to draw on their clinical expertise to make a credible case for change, whereas leaders with a professional managerial background tend to have clearer insight into operational and financial details.

It also identifies qualities that make a top clinical commissioning leader including resilience, openness, emotional intelligence and being good communicators, with excellent listening skills and the ability to instil clarity of purpose.

Read the full report here


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