Pharma companies banned from sponsoring CCG’s events


  • South Warwickshire CCG leaders will no longer allow drug companies to sponsor its events
  • Change driven by recent media reports and staff concerns that pharma representatives at events had “little benefit”

This follows concerns that their involvement could be perceived as an attempt to influence commissioning decisions.

A workshop or meeting room with flip chart and people in suits

Drug companies had sponsored CCG training events

CCG leaders said while drug companies had no influence on any of its decision making, there was a risk of “perceived influence”.

The group’s executive team changed its policy after clinicians said the presence of drug company representatives at meetings or education and training events was of “little benefit to the CCG”.

Since April 2015 14 pharmaceutical companies have provided £3,500 of sponsorship to six events run by the CCG, according to the organisation’s hospitality register. Sponsors have included GlaxoSmithKline, Bayer and Merck.

View the full article via HSJ


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